No 1 The Project

Homerenter aims to revolutionise the way that traditional landlords and tenants connect, by cutting out expensive fees for both parties. They launched nine months ago and they are struggling with getting landlords to list.

In theory this seems like a no brainer! Why wouldn’t landlords list their properties? The first listing is even free! I worked in a team of three, on a two week design sprint. Our objective was clear, get landlords to list on the site.

homerenter homepage screen

No 2 Summary Process

By conducting user research, competitive analysis, interviewing current users of the HomeRenter website, interviewing landlords that use other services, we slowly started to uncover all of the requirements that traditional landlords need.

Trust, clear information, clear pricing structure, and most importantly, communication. Landlords don’t have time, they want to know what the service offering is, how much they need to spend, and that they will find good tenants quickly. As a result of the interviews we had with landlords, we completely redesigned the homepage of the site, the landlord landing page, the entire property listing process and even looked at the landlord management dashboard. By stepping into the shoes of the landlord and delving into their minds, we were able to fully understand what they need in order to benefit from such service. With the redesigned prototype, you know instantly what HomeRenter offer, what you get as a landlord and how much it costs, in an easy to digest language, and with speed.

No 3 Roles

  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research
  • Interviews
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Sketching
  • Testing
  • Prototyping

No 4 Testimony

“ we really like the designs and love the amount of effort you all went it to produce everything you have for us”

— Dani Fellows, Product Manager, HomeRenter

No 5 Full case study

No 6 More Projects