No 1 The Project

The Science Museum boasts some really fantastic facts, they are the foremost destination for learning about science in the UK, they capture the imaginations of 3.2 million visitors a year and as a company, they are passionate about inspiring the future of science.

The brief required us to create an app that would make visits easier and more engaging for their visitors, they also wanted to include the option to allow guests to be able to mark exhibits of interest whilst browsing the museum. They also wanted their visitors to be able to keep track of interesting information, a function that allows visitors to learn additional information from displays, and finally to allow guests to be able to plan future visits via the use of the app.

science museum concept app screens

No 2 Summary Process

By conducting competitive analysis, user interviews, interviewing current visitors to the science museum, interviewing people who like to go to museums in general, we started to understand what is important for these people when they go on a museum trip..

Our Design Principles: Simplicity is Key The whole focus of our app is to allow a user to be immersed in the museum visit experience, in the simplest way possible while providing lots of added value. Seamless Feel The experience of using the app should complement the use of resources that are already in the museum, meaning that the app is an extension for enhancement rather than a separate tool. Intuition The user is already learning, and their brains are probably working more than average. Every aspect of using the app will just make sense because it follows typical and known conventions. Visual language should also be welcoming and accessible.

No 3 Roles

  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research
  • Interviews
  • Contextual Inquiry
  • Sketching
  • Testing
  • Prototyping

No 4 Full case study

No 5 More Projects