No 1 The Project

NSPCC Learning wanted to redesign their learning website, improve key user journeys, and use their new site to promote new training and courses to their key target audiences which includes all professions that work with children.

low fidelity wireframe iterations

low fidelity wireframe iterations

No 2 My Role

Analytics analysis, empathy mapping, I learnt from these two tasks how users were currently navigating, their pain points, and frustrations. Once armed with this information, I worked on the creation of new landing pages, and user journeys to improve the flow and assist customers to find the correct information quickly. After having signoff from the wireframes, flows and IA, it was really important for me to work closely with the UI and visual design team, in order to ensure that as the design developed and was brought to life, none of the important UX elements were lost.

annotated wireframes

Annotated wireframes

Once we had the flows correct, this formed the basis for the rest of the tasks we wanted to undertake, this included moving to a higher fidelity for user testing, collecting feedback and making iterations, until a final version was ready for visual design.

No 3 Deliverables

  • Analysis Report
  • Mid-fidelity wireframes
  • Features and functionality spec
  • Responsive prototype creation
  • Tech spec annotations
homerenter homepage screen

No 4 outcomes

  • Highlighted courses promotional signposting making popular information highly visible
  • The new structure of the site encourages browsing & cross promotion for up sell
  • Improved search functionality and clear information layout for results
  • Introduction of icons for communicating key information thus improving the visual language on the site
  • New concise pages whilst giving the user flexibility to read as little or as much information as they would like by introduction of accordion style navigation
  • Improved UI for content delivery, ¬†information and forms

No 6 More Projects