No 1 The Project

The goal was clear, improve the look and feel of their site, allow users to find help and support quickly and easily and to allow the site to tell the story of the war veterans to encourage new supporters.

SSAFA low fidelity wireframeflow

View of the new fully responsive site

No 2 My Role

A large part of the pre work was analysing data and analytics on how users are currently navigating and using the site, this formed the basis on the key areas for improvement. Aligning this insight with the key services offered by SSAFA, my UX team of two, myself and a colleague came up with new IA and low fidelity wireframe flows

SSAFA low fidelity wireframeflow

low fidelity wireframe flows

Once we had the flows correct, this formed the basis for the rest of the tasks we wanted to undertake, this included moving to a higher fidelity for user testing, collecting feedback and making iterations, until a final version was ready for visual design.

No 3 My Key Tasks

  • Research Analysis
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • User testing of current journeys
  • Wireframe creation
  • Redesign of information architecture
  • Mid fidelity wireframing
  • Prototype creation
  • Remote usability testing
  • Tech spec documentation
  • Handover for Visual design phase

No 4 outcomes

  • Page views have increased by 30%
  • 32% more unique users
  • Number of donations has increased by 13%
  • 77% more people going to the fundraising events pages
  • 84% increase in volunteering applications

No 5 Full case study

No 6 More Projects